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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

June 2017: Congrats to David Pellow

Congrats to David Pellow, who passed the PhD thesis proposal exam and advanced to phase B of the doctoral studies.

June 2018: multi-copy genome rearrangement review

Read the manuscript by Ron Zeira reviewing some central models and results in genome rearrangement analysis, with an emphasis on multiple copies and cancer.

June 2018: Inner ear study

Read Kobi's paper (jointly with Karen Avraham) analyzing expression profiles of the developing auditory organs, and prioritizing novel deafness genes.

June 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Roye Rozov!

Congratulations to Roye for approval of this doctoral degree. Roye graduated last year and the refereeing process of his thesis was now completed, making his degree official.

June 2018: ATGA course translated to Dutch

The lecture notes of Ron Shamir's course "Advanced topics in Graph Algorithms" have been translated to Dutch. See link. This is the Eleventh translation of the course, following Ukrainian, Indonesian, Russian, Estonian, Bulgarian, French, Czech, Swedish, Spanish and German.

June 2018: 3D genome organization, gene expression and stress

Read the BioRxiv preprint  of Idan Nurick and Rani Elkon on the interplay between 3D chromatin structure, gene expression and stress, based on a large-scale meta-analysis that integrated Hi-C data from thirteen different cell lines and dozens of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq datasets.

May 2018: ATGA course translated to German

The lecture notes of Ron Shamir's course "Advanced topics in Graph Algorithms" have been translated to German. See link. This is the tenth translation of the course, following Ukranian, Indonesian, Russian, Estonian, Bulgarian, Frensh, Czech, Swedish and Spanish.

May 2018: Sorting cancer karyotypes by ILP

Read Ron Zeira's Bioinformatics paper on Sorting cancer karyotypes by DCJs, duplications and deletions using integer linear programming.

May 2018: FOCS paper published in Genome Biology

Tom Hait's new method for linking enhancers to the promoters regulated by them has been published in Genome Biology. See also the website.      

March 2018: Nimrod joins the direct PhD track

Congratulations to Nimrod Rappoport, who passed the qualifying exam for the direct PhD track! Nimrod will do his PhD research jointly with Amos Tanay's group at WIS.

Prof. Ron Shamir

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