A new tool for analyzing large multi-omic datasets

Modern genomic datasets may include hundreds of samples, each measured by several high-throughput technologies and described by extensive clinical information. PROMO (Profiler of Multi-Omics data) is an interactive Matlab-based tool, designed to analyze large versatile datasets. It enables importing multi-label datasets from various file formats, data exploration and visualization, applying unsupervised analysis on both samples and features and utilizing various popular statistical tests including survival analysis. Special features that are specific to multi-omic datasets include dataset integration and joint multi-omic clustering.
PROMO: Profiler of Multi-Omics Data
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Developed by: Dvir Netanely, Neta Stern, Itay Laufer, Ron Shamir
Ron Shamir's Computational Genomics group
Blavatnik School of Computer ScienceTel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel.