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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

February 2024: Welcome to Netanel

Netanel Erlich, a third year undergrad student in bioinfo, will be joining the lab as a research assistant. He will be working with Omer N and Tammy on EMR data.

January 2024: Hagai’s imputation paper is published

Hagai's paper on the importance of imputation panel ethnicity when transferring a PRS across populations has been published in Bioinformatics (link).

January 2024: Welcome to Yaara

We welcome Yaara Alkalay, a 3rd year bioinfo student who will do a project in the lab guided by Dan.

January 2024: Brain clustering paper published

The paper on clustering the white matter of the brain (link) by Ittai Shamir, Yaniv Assaf and Ron, has been published in Brain Structure and Function.

December 2023: Congrats to Dr. Rappoport

Nimrod Rappoport's PhD is now officially approved. Congratulations Dr. Rappoport!

October 2023: Maya wins Safra Fellowship

Congratulations to Maya Metzger, who won the Safra Center undergraduate fellowship!
Maya has been working in the group on EMR analysis in parallel to her undergrad in bioinformatics. 

October 2023: Feature ranking in clustering

Eran's manuscript describing a new algorithm for ranking features for clustering EMR data is available in medRxiv (link)

August 2023: On the importance of imputation panel

Read Hagai's paper in medRxiv (link) on the importance of imputation panel ethnicity when transferring a PRS across populations.

August 2023: Silencers manuscript is online

Tom's paper on inferring silencers and enhancers using deep learning is available on Research Square (link).

August 2023: Omer wins Shaashua fellowship

Congratulations to Omer Noy, who won the Prof. Amnon and Mrs. Anat Ramati Shaashua fellowship in computer science!


Prof. Ron Shamir

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