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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

November 2011: Domino web server is online.

A new online service enabling network-based active module discovery is now operational. The server, developed by Hagai and Nima, applies the DOMINO algorithm. See the manuscript.

November 2021: A new metagenomic 3-way classifier

Lianrong's manuscript describing a classifier of metagenomic contigs into viral, plasmidic and bacterial is now available in BioRxiv.

October 2021: Nimrod wins excellence award from the Herczeg Institute

Nimrod Rappoport won an excellence award from the Herczeg Institute on Aging for an outstanding doctoral research proposal in the field of aging. Congrats Nimrod!

Oct 2021: Welcome to Ron

We welcome Ron Saad who is joining the group as a Master student. Ron has a BSc from the Technion and is completing his service in the IDF.

September 2021: DOMINO stars in an active module discovery benchmark

A new article by Lazareva et al. benchmarked eight active module identification algorithms on multiple real and randomized biological networks. The authors conclude that Hagai's DOMINO algorithm was the only algorithm that produced more meaningful candidate disease modules on real than on random networks. Congrats Hagai!

August 2021: NEMO stars in a recent cancer subtyping benchmark

A new article by Duan et al. conducted an extensive benchmark on ten algorithms for multi-omic clustering. The study used nine cancers and four omics and conducted multiple common and novel tests. It concluded that the NEMO algorithm developed by Nimrod, as well as SNF, performed well in all criteria, and recommended them for cancer subtyping. Congrats Nimrod!

Aug 2021: Igor Ulitsky wins the Blavatnik Award

Prof. Igor Ulitsky (Weizmann Institute) was selected as the 2020 Life Sciences Laureate of the Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in Israel. He received the award in a recent ceremony. Igor did his PhD in Shamir group and is a leader in understanding the non-coding human genome. See here for a video on his award. Congratulations Igor!

June 21: SCAPP plasmid assembly algorithm published in Microbiome

Congratulations to David Pellow for the publication of the SCAPP algorithm. SCAPP, developed jointly with I. Mizrahi's group, is a new tool for extraction and assembly of plasmids from metagenomic samples.  

Aug. 21: Yael’s UHS-MSP paper accepted to ACM-BCB conference

The paper , by Yael Ben-Ari and colleagues, on utilizing universal hitting sets in the MSP algorithm, has been accepted to the ACM-BCB conference.  

May 2021: Five group papers to be presented in ISMB/ECCB

Papers by Omer, Nimrod, David, Hagai and Dan Coster were accepted to ISMB/ECCB 2021. All will be presented as posters, and the first four in talks as well. See here for the details. Congratulations!

Prof. Ron Shamir

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