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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

July 2019: detection of cell-type specific enhancer-promoter links

Tom's new paper on inferring enchancer-promoter links in a cell-type specific manner is now available in BioRxiv. This is joint work with Dr. Rani Elkon. See also the website.

Congratulations to Gal!

Congrats to Gal Dinstag, who completed his MSc thesis on personalized prioritization of driver genes in cancer.

Congratulations to Dan!

Congratulations to Dan Maor, who completed his MSc thesis on a heuristic for rapid RNA sequence and structure alignment.

June 2019: Nimrod passes the qualifying exam

Nimrod Rappoport passed the qualifying exam and his PhD proposal is now approved. Congratulations!

June 2019: Paper on Expander is published in JMB

A new paper on the Expander one-stop-shop software for expression analysis was published in JMB. EXPANDER has been continuously developed since 2003, having to date over 18,000 downloads and 540 citations. The new version supports ChIP-seq analysis and improved network-based analysis of expression data. Expander recent developments have been led by Tom A. Hait, the lead author of the paper.

Ron’s new review chapter is out

Congrats to Ron Zeira, whose review on genome rearrangements with single and multiple gene copies was published as a chapter in a new book.

June 2019: Congrats to Nimrod for the PBC fellowship

Congratulations to Nimrod Rappoport who won the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) fellowship for excellent PhD students in Data Sciences. The PBC is part of the Council for Higher Education (CHE), the official authority for higher education in Israel. The PBC is responsible for funding the Israeli system of higher education. The new fellowships program awards up to 10 fellowships annually to excellent PhD students all over Israel whose research is in data sciences.

June 2019: Welcome to Gabi!

Welcome to Gabrielle (Gaby) Ecanow, who joined the group as a summer student as part of the MISTI-MIT-Israel program. She will be guided by Tom and work on gene expression and regulation. We wish her a fun and fruitful summer!

May 2019: PROMO manuscript is on BioRxiv

A paper describing Dvir's software PROMO is now available on bioRxiv. PROMO is an interactive Matlab-based software for analyzing large clinical+omic datasets like TCGA.

Congratulations to Lianrong (again)!!

Congratulations to Lianrong Pu, who won the "ACM China Excellent PhD Thesis" award! The award will be given in the ACM Turing Conference hold in China, Chengdu, on May 17th-18th 2019.

Prof. Ron Shamir

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