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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

January 23: a new 4-way metagenomic classifier

Read the new article by Lianrong Pu on classifying contigs from metagenomic assemblies into bacteria, phage, plasmids and microeukaryotes

November 2022: Dan passes the PhD candidacy exam

Congrats to Dan Coster, who passed the PhD Candidacy exam! Dan's thesis topic is using electronic medical records to predict disease risk.

October 2022: Clustering the white matter of the brain.

Read the preprint with Ittai Shamir and Yaniv Assaf on clustering multilayered cytoarchitectonic surface-based data in the brain.

October 22: Creating good minimizer orders for large k

Read David and Lianrong's paper with Yaron Orenstein's group (BIU) and Bonnie Berger's group (MIT) on how to use an old theory by Mykkeltveit and Knuth to expand minimizer orders to large values of k.

September 2022: Intend paper is out

Yonatan and Nimrod's manuscript on the INTEND algorithm for integrating gene expression and methylation data from different experiment has been posted in Biorxiv.

September 2022: 3CAC is published

Lianrong's paper on a 3-way classifier of contigs in metagenomic assembly graph was published in Bioinformatics.

September 2022: Welcome to Assaf

Assaf Ben Shimon is joining the group as an MSc student. Welcome Assaf!  

August 2022: Hagai passes the PhD candidacy exam

Congrats to Hagai Levi, who passed the PhD Candidacy exam! Hagai's research topic is adaptation of Polygenic Risk Scores across populations.

August 22: Tal Ben Yishay joins the group

We welcome Tal Ben Yishay, who is joining the group as an MSc student. Tal finished a BSc in bioinformatics at TAU. His work will be on chromothrypsis, co-supervised by Uri Ben David (Medicine). Welcome Tal!

June 2022: 3CAC accepted to ECCB

Lianrong's paper on a 3-way classifier of contigs in metagenomic assembly graph has been accepted to ECCB 2022 and will appear in Bioinformatics.

Prof. Ron Shamir

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