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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

March 2020: Improved network-based module detection

Read Hagai's paper on BioRxiv about the pitfalls in network-based module detection algorithms, how to overcome them, and about DOMINO, a novel algorithm that performs very well on gene expression and GWAS data.


Jan 2020: congrats to Dvir!

Congratulations to Dvir Netanely, who submitted his PhD thesis titled  "Cancer subtype identification using large-scale omics data analysis".  

Jan 2020: congrats to Hagai!

Congratulations to Hagai Levi, who submitted and defended his MSc thesis titled "Analysis of network-based module discovery algorithms from the perspective of biological enrichment".

February 2020: Monet: A new multi-omic module discovery algorithm

Read the manuscript by Nimrod and Roy describing a new approach to module discovery in multi-omic data, allowing omic selection per module.

January 2020: Improved plasmid assembly from metagenomes

Read David's new manuscript  with I. Mizrahi's group about SCAPP, a new tool for extraction and assembly of plasmids from metagenomic samples.

December 2019: Repeating a simple lab test identifies infection type better

The journal Infection just published Dan's paper  showing that by using two CRP tests we improve the differential diagnosis between acute bacterial and viral infections. The study was done with our colleagues from the Sourasky Medical Center.

December 2019: PROMO article published

Read the BMC Bioinformatics paper describing Dvir's software PROMO. PROMO is an interactive Matlab-based software for analyzing large clinical+omic datasets like TCGA.

December 2019: Plasmidome distribution

Read the paper (with Itzik Mizrahi's group, BGU) comparing plasmidomes across microbial environments.

November 2019: Prodigy algorithm published

Gal's paper on Prodigy, an algorithm for ranking driver genes for an individual cancer patient, was published in Bioinformatics.

October 2019: Welcome to Hadar, Naama and Omer!

We welcome Hadar Amira-Haham, Naama Kadosh and Omer Noy who joined the group as MSc students and in one shot tilted the gender balance in the lab. They came from BSc in BIU, BGU and TAU, respectively. Welcome aboard!

Prof. Ron Shamir

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