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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

July 2017: Congratulations to Tom Hait!

Congratulations to Tom Hait, who was awarded the MSc degree, co-supervised by Rani Elkon and Ron Shamir.

July 2017: Paper in improving minimizers published

Read the new paper in Bioinformatics by David, Yaron and colleagues from Carl Kingsford's group on improving the performance of minimizers and winnowing schemes.

June 2017: Reconstructing cancer karyotypes

Read Rami Eitan's paper on reconstructing cancer karyotypes from short read data on BioRxiv

May 2017: Roye Rozov wins the Deutsch Excellence Scholarship

Congratulations to Roye Rozov for being awarded the Deutsch Excellence Scholarship for PhD students in the School of Computer Science, TAU. The awarding ceremony will take place on Thursday May 18, at 15:15, in the Open Space Lab in the School of Computer Science.

May 2017: Copy number evolution paper published

Read the paper by Ron, Meirav and colleagues on complexity and algorithms for copy number evolution models - between two genomes, and for k genomes forming a tree phylogeny.

April 2017: Sleep and brain modularity

Read Adi's paper with colleagues from Talma Hendler's group showing that sleep deprivation leads to deterioration in the modularity of the brain.

April 2017: Gene expression buffered on the protein level

Read Kobi Perl's paper on the connection between the transcriptome and proteome in non-proliferating tissues.

March 2017: Farewell to Didi!

Didi Amar has left the group for a postdoc in Stanford. Didi has been a leader in the group for a long time - as a master, doctoral and postdoctoral student. We wish him great success in the next steps.

March 2017: Faucet accepted to RECOMB-seq

Roye Rozov's new paper "Faucet: streaming de novo assembly graph construction" was accepted to RECOMB-seq 2017 and will be presented in Hong Kong in May.

March 2017: Minimizers paper accepted to ISMB

David Pellow's paper on improving the performance of minimizers, with Y. Oresntein and C. Kingsford's team, has been accepted to ISMB 2017 and will be presented in Prague in July.

Prof. Ron Shamir

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