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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

May 2019: PROMO manuscript is on BioRxiv

A paper describing Dvir's software PROMO is now available on bioRxiv. PROMO is an interactive Matlab-based software for analyzing large clinical+omic datasets like TCGA.

Congratulations to Lianrong (again)!!

Congratulations to Lianrong Pu, who won the "ACM China Excellent PhD Thesis" award! The award will be given in the ACM Turing Conference hold in China, Chengdu, on May 17th-18th 2019.

April 2019: Congratulations to Lianrong!

Congratulations to Lianrong Pu who won the China Israel postdoctoral fellowship!

March 2019: welcome to Lianrong!

Dr. Lianrong Pu has joined the lab as a postdoc. She did her PhD in Shandong University, China. She spent two years of the PhD at Pavel Pevzner's lab at UCSD. Lianrong has specialized in genome rearrangements and segmental duplications. In the group, she will work on genome rearrangements in cancer and on algorithms for universal hitting sets.

March 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Ron Zeira!

Congrats to Ron Zeira, whose doctorate titled "Models for Structural and Numerical Alterations in Cancer" was approved by TAU. Ron is continuing to a postdoc in Ben Raphael's lab in Princeton.

March 2019: Expander in Russian

The Expander website has been translated to Russian. See here.

February 2019: NEMO article published

Nimrod Rappoport's new method for cancer subtyping using multi-omic data appeared in Bioinformatics.

February 2019: FOCS paper accepted to RECOMB highlight track

The paper on identifying enhancer-promoter links was accepted to the highlight track of RECOMB 2019 and will be presented by Tom Hait in the conference on May 2019 in Washington DC.

January 2019: ATGA course translated to Armenian

The lecture notes of Ron Shamir's course "Advanced topics in Graph Algorithms" have been translated to Armenian. See link. This is the fourteenth translation of the course, following Ukrainian, Indonesian, Russian, Estonian, Bulgarian, French, Czech, Swedish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Punjabi and Greek.

December 2018: Kobi Perl’s PhD thesis approved

Kobi Perl, MD student, has done PhD research jointly in our lab and in Prof. Karen Avraham's lab (Medicine). His thesis "Understanding of Developmental and Physiological Conditions of the Inner Ear using Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis" has now been approved and is available here. Congratulations Kobi!

Prof. Ron Shamir

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