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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

April 21: COVID-19 deterioration paper accepted to ICLR

Omer and Dan's study on predicting deterioration in COVID-19 patients was accepted to the ICLR 2021 Workshop: Machine Learning for Preventing and Combating Pandemics. The study is a collaboration with Maya from the group and the clinical partners I. Attar, S. Shenhar-Tsafraty, S. Berliner, G. Rahav and O. Rogowski.

March 2021: Congrats to Dan Coster for CBRC award

Congratulations to Dan Coster who was awarded a prize of the Cancer Biology Research Center (CBRC) at TAU. The Grants Committee of CBRC selected Dan's cancer prediction lecture as an outstanding research project, among projects presented at the CBRC virtual meeting series in the 2020 winter semester.

February 2021: Melanoma cancer subtypes

Read Dvir's paper revealing a new classification of melanomas into prognostic subgroups, which can be implemented using a very simple decision tree.


January 2021: DOMINO showcased in MSB

Read Hagai's paper in Molecular Systems Biology on a new active module identification algorithm, including an extensive benchmark of leading algorithms for the task, and novel evaluation criteria.  

January 21: Breast and prostate cancer risk prediction from EMRs

Read Dan Coster's manuscript showing improved prediction of future breast and prostate cancer risk based on EMR data from routine checkups of healthy individuals.

Nov 2020: improving genome assembly with UHS

Reads Yael's new manuscript about improving the MSP genome assembly algorithm by using universal hitting sets.

November 2020: Dan and Omer win poster prize in Safra retreat

Congratulations to Dan and Omer, who won the second best poster prize in the 15th annual Retreat of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Bioinformatics, for their poster "A predictive model for deterioration of Covid-19 patients".  Poster winners were selected out of 53 posters based on the retreat’s participants voting. The retreat took place on October 14 online.

October 2020: Dan, Omer and Hagai win best poster highlight prizes in Safra retreat

The 15th annual Retreat of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Bioinformatics took place on October 14 online. The program included 53 poster highlight presentations in two sessions. Each poster presenter had a one-minute presentation to introduce it. Congratulations to Dan & Omer who won the best poster highlight prize in the morning session for their highly original presentation of "A predictive model for deterioration of Covid-19 patients". Congratulations to Hagai who won the third place of the afternoon session for his creative presentation of "DOMINO: a novel network based module detection algorithm with reduced rate of false calls".

October 2020: ATGA course translated to Catalan

The lecture notes of Ron Shamir's course "Advanced topics in Graph Algorithms" have been translated to Catalan. See link. This is the sixteenth translation of the course, following Ukrainian, Indonesian, Russian, Estonian, Bulgarian, French, Czech, Swedish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Punjabi, Greek, Armenian and Chinese.

Sept 2020: Monet is published

Read the PLoS CB paper by Nimrod and Roy on Monet, a new multi-omic module discovery algorithm allowing different omic subsets for different modules.

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