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We develop algorithms and tools for analysis of
genomic and systems biology data. Areas include:

March 2018: Nimrod joins the direct PhD track

Congratulations to Nimrod Rappoport, who passed the qualifying exam for the direct PhD track! Nimrod will do his PhD research jointly with Amos Tanay's group at WIS.

March 2018: Morph-DB is published.

The Frontiers in Plant Science paper describes a resource where candidate genes for large-scale functional annotations are integrated across multiple plant species. The resource was developed by Oren Tzfadia and other colleagues and is based on our MORPH functional gene prioritization tool.

Feb 2018: ATGA course translated to Spanish

The lecture notes of Ron Shamir's course "Advanced topics in Graph Algorithms" have been translated to Spanish. See link. This is the ninth translation of the course, following Ukranian, Indonesian, Russian, Estonian, Bulgarian, Frensh, Czech and Swedish.

January 2018: Adeptus web tool published

The Adeptus web discovery and analysis tool based on expression and mutation data from many diseases was published in Bioinformatics. Adeptus was developed by Didi and Amir, and is available here.

December 2017: fMRI monitoring of anger

Read the new paper  by Adi and Talma Hendler's group on the manifestations (in resting state fMRI) of the lingering effects of anger, and their relation to traumatic stress symptoms.

December 2017: A hands-on PROMO workshop

A hands-on workshop on the PROMO tool for analyzing large genomic datasets will be given by Dvir and Neta on 21/12/17. See details here.

Nov. 2017: Karyotype reconstruction paper is published

Read Rami's paper on the promise and pitfalls in reconstructing cancer karyotypes in BMC Bioinformatics.​

Nov. 2017: Talk on heart and kidney disease at EAPM 2017

The work by Gal and Didi on personalized prediction of adverse heart and kidney outcomes was accepted for presentation at the 1st congress of  European Alliance for Personalized Medicine (EAPM), in Belfast. Gal will present it on November 28 2017.

October 2017 A Parkinson’s disease signature

Read the paper in Neurology on Parkinson's disease prediction based on blood expression profiles. The paper summarizes the EU project GenePark, with participation of groups from Germany, Israel, France, Slovenia and the USA. Several members of our group conducted the bioinformatics analysis over the years, culminating in the work of Didi Amar.

Prof. Ron Shamir

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