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mYHC1:U1 snRNP protein required for pre-mRNA splicing,,\n mPEP12:integral membrane protein; c-terminal TMD; located in endoso\nme,c-terminal TMD , integral membrane protein , c-terminal T\nMD , integral membrane protein , c-terminal TMD , integral m\nembrane protein,proteinase deficient\n Jelinski.Jelinski:Regulatory networks revealed by transcriptional profiling of\n damaged Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells: Rpn4 links base exc\nision repair with proteasomes.  Mol Cell Biol. 2000 Nov;20(2\n1):8157-67.\n mCEG1:mRNA guanylyltransferase (mRNA capping enzyme), alpha subuni\nt,mRNA capping enzyme alpha subunit , mRNA guanylyltransfera\nse,Null mutant is inviable\n mPSH1:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mSTR2:Sulfur TRansfer,cystathionine gamma-synthase,Null mutant is \nviable but unable to turn cysteine into homocysteine. Grows \nwhen supplied with cystathionine.\n mYKL063C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mURE2:Nitrogen catabolite repression regulator that acts by inhibi\ntion of GLN3 in good nitrogen source.  Altered form of Ure2p\n creates [URE3] prion.,glutathione transferase (putative) , \nprion , transcriptional regulator,Null mutant is viable but \nexhibits defects in nitrogen catabolite repression (NCR), an\nd null mutant diploids are defective in pseudohyphal growth \nand display an increased incidence of random bud patterns.\n mHRP1:Putative polyadenylated-RNA-binding protein located in nucle\nus; similar to vertebrate hnRNP A/B protein family,,Null mut\nant is inviable; mutants can suppress temperature-sensitive \nalleles of npl3 (but not npl3 null mutants)\n Cond883:5\n mAFT2:Activator of Iron (Fe) Transcription,,Null: Deletion of AFT2\n exacerates iron deficiency of AFT1 disruption.\n mTOA1:Transcription factor IIA, large chain,large chain , transcri\nption factor IIA subunit,Null mutant is inviable. Overexpres\nsion of TFIIA partially suppresses an spt3 delta mutation. t\noa1 mutants have Spt-phenotypes. spt3 delta toa1 double muta\nnts are inviable.\n Cond898:RPN4\n Cond889:4NQO_2\n mRNA14:Protein with a role in mRNA stability and/or poly(A) tail le\nngth,cleavage and polyadenylation factor CF I component invo\nlved in pre-mRNA 3'-end processing,Null mutant is inviable\n mTAF10:TFIID subunit (TBP-associated factor) with predicted molecul\nar weight of 23 kD.,TFIID subunit,Null mutant is inviable\n mMSO1:multicopy suppressor of sec1; small hydrophilic protein, enr\niched in microsomal membrane fraction, interacts with Sec1p,\n,Null mutant is viable, exhibits accumulation of secretory v\nesicles in the bud; mso1 null mutants exhibit double mutant \ninviability in combinaiton with sec1, sec2, and sec4 mutants\n COMP.:Functional classification via a compendium of knockouts. Hug\nes, cell 2000.\n mYLR387C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYOR059C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n Cond888:MNNG_2\n Cond894:G2\n mRMS1:Transcription regulator,,null mutant is viable with no appar\nent defects\n mPRE10:proteasome component YC1 (protease yscE subunit 1),proteasom\ne component YC1 (protease yscE subunit 1),Null mutant is inv\niable\n mCDC11:involved in proper bud growth,10 nm filament component of mo\nther-bud neck,abnormal cell-wall deposition and bud growth, \ninability to complete cytokinesis, failure to form the ring \nof 10nm filaments in the neck region of budding cells\n mHRB1:an ORF of unknown function located in a centromeric region d\nuplicated between chromosomes III and XIV,hypothetical RNA-b\ninding protein,\n mNIT1:nitrilase,nitrilase,\n Cond893:SMMS\n mPRE2:proteasome subunit,proteasome subunit,Null mutant is inviabl\ne, pre2 mutants exhibit defects in chymotrypsin-like proteol\nysis, stress response and ubiquitin signaled protein degrada\ntion\n mTLG2:member of the syntaxin family of t-SNAREs,tSNARE that affect\ns a late Golgi compartment,Null mutant is viable in SEY6210,\n exhibits endocytosis defect and loss of Kex2p\n mNHP10:Non-Histone Protein 10,HMG1-box containing protein,null muta\nnt is viable and has normal growth rate\n mAAD14:aryl-alcohol dehydrogenase located on chromosome 14,aryl-alc\nohol dehydrogenase (putative),\n mSEC9:Putative t-SNARE of the plasma membrane,t-SNARE (putative),A\nn uncharacterized allele accumulates 100nm secretory vesicle\ns and berkeley bodies and is defective in proteint transport\n to the cell surface. The sec9-4 allele has diploid-specific\n bud site selection defects.\n Cond895:G2MMS\n mHBS1:Protein related to translation elongation factor EF-1alpha a\nnd to Suf12p/Sup2p/Gst1p/Sup35p,,\n mGLC8:Homolog of mammalian protein phosphatase inhibitor 2,protein\n phosphatase 1 (Glc7p) regulator,Null mutant is viable; dele\ntion of glc8 suppresses phenotypes of ipl1 and glc7 mutants\n mYKR035C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mSUB1:Suppressor of TFIIB mutations,transcriptional coactivator,Nu\nll mutant is viable, auxotrophic for inositol; high copy sup\npressor of SUA7 (TFIIB) mutations. Overexpression of SUB1 st\nimulates transcription by some types of activators in vivo\n COMP.KO:Functional classification via a compendium of knockouts. Hug\nes, cell 2000.\n Cond644:DES459_(mec1-)_+_0.02%_MMS_-_60_min\n mRUD3:Relieves uso1-1 transport defect; golgin-160 related protein\n,,Null mutant shows severe growth defect or inviability in c\nombination with many ER-to-Golgi transport mutants, such as \nuso1-1, sec34, sec35-1, sec22-3, and bos1-1. Overproduction \nsuppresses mutations in many of the same genes.\n Cond877:MMS\n Cond875:60min\n Cond256:ymr141c\n mTRX2:thioredoxin,thioredoxin,Null mutant is viable; trx1-trx2 dou\nble mutant shows prolonged S phase, shortened G(sub)1 and me\nthionine auxotrophy\n Cond886:g-ray\n mYKL195W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mAPS1:Involved in a subset of clathrin functions at the Golgi,clat\nhrin associated protein complex small subunit,Null mutant is\n viable; aps1 mutants demonstrate synthetic effects with chc\n1 alleles\n SGD.GO:Functional classification via a compendium of knockouts. Hug\nes, cell 2000.\n mVPS24:involved in secretion,,Null mutant missorts vacuolar hydrola\nses and accumulates a late endosomal compartment; Class E vp\ns mutant\n mYNL129W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mTAF1:TAFII complex component required for activated transcription\n,,Null mutant is inviable, taf145 (ts) mutants arrest as sma\nll unbudded cells with a G0 like morphology at the nonpermis\nsive temperature\n mRFC1:RFC is a DNA binding protein and ATPase that acts as a proce\nssivity factor for DNA polymerases delta and epsilon and loa\nds proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) on DNA,replicat\nion factor C subunit 1 , similar to human RFC 140 kDa subuni\nt,Null mutant is inviable, rfc1 conditional mutants arrest b\nefore mitosis\n mYGL164C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYFR003C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mVPS63:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYJL123C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n Cond885:20\n Cond645:DES459_(mec1-)_+_0.02%_MMS_-_90_min\n mSRP21:part of the signal recognition particle (SRP) ribonucleoprot\nein (RNP) complex that functions in protein targeting to the\n endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane,signal recognition part\nicle component,Null mutant is viable, associated with slow c\nell growth and inefficient protein translocation across the \nER membrane\n Cond891:G1MMS\n mCCL1:essential for cell proliferation,TFIIK subunit, a subcomplex\n of transcription factor TFIIH , cyclin,Null mutant is invia\nble\n mYGL117W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mUFE1:t-SNARE that resides on the endoplasmic reticulum and mediat\nes retrograde traffic from the Golgi complex,t-SNARE (ER),Nu\nll mutant is inviable\n mTFG1:Transcription factor TFIIF large subunit,transcription facto\nr TFIIF large subunit,Null mutant is inviable\n mVPS4:Defective in vacuolar protein sorting; homologous to mouse S\nKD1 and to human hVPS4,AAA ATPase,Null mutant is viable, exh\nibits protein sorting and morphological defects\n mTFG2:transcription initiation factor TFIIF middle subunit,transcr\niption initiation factor TFIIF middle subunit,Null mutant is\n inviable\n mBNA1:biosynthesis of nicotinic acid,3-hydroxyanthranilic acid dio\nxygenase,Null mutant is viable, nicotinic acid auxotroph\n mSNU71:associated with U1 snRNP (no counterpart in mammalian U1 snR\nNP; contains few SR-, RE- and RD-dipeptides,,Null mutant is \ninviable\n mYPT52:rab5-like GTPase involved in vacuolar protein sorting and en\ndocytosis,,Null mutant is viable; ypt51 ypt52 double deletio\nn exacerbates the temperature sensitivity and vacuolar prote\nin sorting defects of ypt51 deletion\n mMGM101:Involved in mitochondrial genome maintenance,,Null mutant is\n viable\n mCSN12:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mPNG1:de-N-glycosylation enzyme,peptide:N-glycanase,Null mutant is\n viable and shows no growth or viability defect under experi\nmental conditions\n mNKP1:Unknown ,, Unknown\n Cond643:DES459_(mec1-)_+_0.02%_MMS_-_45_min\n mVPS30:Required for sorting and delivery of soluble hydrolases to t\nhe vacuole.,,Vacuolar hydrolases sorting receptor Vps10p is \nmislocalized in vps30 mutants.\n mLEO1:Product of gene unknown,,Null mutant is viable\n Cond641:DES459_(mec1-)_+_0.02%_MMS_-_15_min\n Cond660:DES460_(wt)_-_mock_irradiation_-_60_min\n mYLR408C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n Cond884:10\n mBET4:catalyzes prenylation of Ypt1p (as a subunit of PGGTase-II),\ngeranylgeranyltransferase type II alpha subunit (PGGTase-II,\n alpha subunit),\n mTAF10 mTAF1 mRNA14 mHRP1

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