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Date : Fri Feb 28 01:36:32 2003
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mYDL180W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mSFB2:binds to Sed5p and Sec23p by distinct domains,zinc finger pr\notein (putative),\n mYNL319W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYBR287W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mBRE2:Product of gene unknown,,null mutant is sensitive to brefeld\nin A\n mSWM1:Spore Wall Maturation 1,,Null mutant completes meiotic nucle\nar division but does not show spore wall maturation\n mHAT2:subunit of histone acetyltransferase; may regulate activity \nof Hat1p, the catalytic subunit of histone acetyltransferase\n,histone acetyltransferase subunit,Null mutant is viable\n Meiosis.Series0:The core meiotic transcriptome in budding yeasts.  Nat Genet\n. 2000 Dec;26(4):415-23.\n mPUF4:member of the PUF protein family,,\n mFPR4:Homolog of homolog of the nucleolar FKBP, Fpr3,peptidyl-prol\nyl cis-trans isomerase (PPIase),Null mutant is viable\n mFYV2:Function required for Yeast Viability on toxin exposure,,K1 \nkiller toxin hypersensitivity\n mYJR097W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mRAS1:ras proto-oncogene homolog,ras homolog,\n mFYV4:Function required for Yeast Viability on toxin exposure,,Nul\nl phenotype is K1 killer toxin hypersensitive\n mSSF2:high copy suppressor of G beta subunit temperature sensitive\n mutation,,Null mutant is viable; displays double mutant let\nhality with ssf1 null mutations. Ssfp depletion is associate\nd with arrest of cell division and decreased mating\n mBEM3:Gtpase-activating protein activity toward the essential bud-\nsite assembly GTPase Cdc42,rho GTPase activating protein (GA\nP),Null mutant is viable.\n mDIT2:Disp. for spores & spore viab. - required for dityrosine bio\nsynth. & dityrosine accumul. in outer spore wall (s.w.); s.w\n. matur. & resist. to ether & lytic enz. mRNA trans. mid/lat\ne during s.w. formation,catalyzes oxidation of N-formyl tyro\nsine to N,N-bisformyl dityrosine in vitro , cytochrome P450 \n56,lack outermost layer of spore wall\n mYOR345C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mCLB3:Involved in mitotic induction and perhaps in DNA replication\n and spindle assembly,B-type cyclin,Null mutant is viable\n mYJR061W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mGBP2:binds single-stranded telomeric repeat sequences in vitro; s\nimilar to Gbp1p, a single-stranded telomeric DNA-binding pro\ntein from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii,contains RNA recognition\n motifs,Mutation alters the distribution of Rap1p, a telomer\ne-associated protein, but has no effect on telomere length o\nr telomere position\n mYFL034W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYMR326C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mZRC1:Zinc- and cadmium-resistance protein,,Null mutant is viable \nand sensitive to zinc\n mNCR1:Niemann-Pick Type C homologous gene,transmembrane protein (p\nutative),Null mutant is viable.\n mPEX19:40 kDa farnesylated protein associated with peroxisomes,40 k\nDa farnesylated protein associated with peroxisomes,mutant l\nacks morphologically recognizable peroxisomes and shows misl\nocalization of peroxisomal matrix proteins\n mMF(ALPHA)2:alpha mating factor,alpha mating factor,Null mutant is viabl\ne.\n mYPL136W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mTSA1:antioxidant enzyme that provides protection against oxidatio\nn systems capable of generating reactive oxygen and sulfur s\npecies,thioredoxin-peroxidase (TPx); reduces H2O2 and alkyl \nhydroperoxides with the use of hydrogens provided by thiored\noxin, thioredoxin reductase, and NADPH,Null mutant is viable\n, grows slower than wild-type under aerobic conditions\n mJNM1:coiled-coil domain protein required for proper nuclear migra\ntion during mitosis (but not during conjugation),,Null mutan\nt is viable but is cold-sensitive\n mTHR1:homoserine kinase,homoserine kinase,Null mutant is viable, t\nhreonine auxotroph\n mYEL059W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mSDC25:homologous to cdc25,GDP/GTP exchange factor for Ras,null is \nviable; the C-terminal 584 amino acids (but not the entire p\nrotein) suppresses cdc25 mutations\n mNRP1:asparagine-rich protein,,\n mYDR112W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mDPH2:Diptheria toxin resistance protein, required for diphthamide\n biosynthesis,,Null mutant is viable\n mSTD1:interacts with the SNF1 protein kinase and TBP in two-hybrid\n and in in vitro binding studies,MTH1 homolog,Null mutant is\n viable, no defects in mating or sporulation. Suppressor of \nTBP deletion; multicopy suppressor of SNF; std1-mth1 has def\nective glucose derepression and sporulation\n mGOT1:Golgi Transport,membrane protein,Null mutant is viable but e\nxhibits ER to Golgi transport defects in vitro. got1 is synt\nhetically lethal with mutations in sft2; the got1 sft2 doubl\ne mutant exhibits defects in transport to the Golgi complex.\n mAMD1:putative alpha-mannosidase,alpha-mannosidase (putative),Null\n mutant is viable\n mDPH5:diphthamide biosynthesis,,Null mutant is viable\n mIES1:Hypothetical ORF,,Null mutant is viable\n mRMD5:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mSPP1:YPL138C,,\n mIES5:Ino Eighty Subunit 5,,Null: non essential.\n mTOM7:Involved in mitochondrial protein import,translocase of the \nouter mitochondrial membrane,Null mutant is viable\n Cond935:10h\n mGIS2:GIG3 suppressor,,\n mYPL184C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYOR055W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mCRP1:Hypothetical ORF,Cruciform DNA binding protein,Null mutant i\ns viable and shows no growth defects\n mYPR038W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mPEX8:Required for peroxisome assembly,peroxisome associated prote\nin containing a PTS1 signal,mutant lacks morphologically rec\nognizable peroxisomes and shows cytosolic mislocalization of\n peroxisomal matrix proteins\n mFUI1:uridine permease,uridine permease,Null mutant is viable, res\nistant to 5-fluorouridine and does not grow on media contain\ning uridine as the sole source of pyrimidines\n mSGE1:multi-copy suppressor of gal11 null; member of drug-resistan\nce protein family,,Null mutant is viable; shows decreased ex\npression of galactose-inducible genes; shows increased sensi\ntivity to crystal violet\n mENT5:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYKL050C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mPSY2:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mGDS1:involved in nuclear control of mitochondria,,Null mutant is \nviable, shows partial impairment of growth on medium contain\ning glycerol as the carbon source. Overexpxression suppresse\ns NAM9-1 glycerol deficient phenotype\n mYPR126C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYGR130C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYBR071W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mRMA1:Similar to folyl-polyglutamate synthase,,\n mYHR022C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mANB1:hypusine containg protein; ANB1 is expressed under anaerobic\n conditions and repressed under aerobic conditions whereas i\nts homolog HYP2 is inversely regulated,translation initiatio\nn factor eIF-5A, anaerobically expressed form,null mutant is\n viable; a double mutant containing disruptions of both ANB1\n and and the highly homologous HYP2 is inviable\n mPTK1:Putative serine/threonine protein kinase,,Mutant shows decre\nase in total polyamine accumulation and resistance to polyam\nine analogs; ptk1 ptk2 double mutant shows virtually abolish\ned high-affinity spermidine transport\n mIMD3:Hypothetical ORF,IMP dehydrogenase homolog,\n mIDS2:IME2-Dependent Signalling,,Null mutations reduce or abolish \nthe ability of IME2p to activate expression of early, middle\n, and late meiotic genes. Recessive and null ids2 mutants pr\nevent toxicity of Ime2p expression in rad52 haploids, but do\n not affect Ime2p polypeptide accumulation.\n mYIL096C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYJL068C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mSAS3:SAS3 for Something about silencing, gene 3. Influences silen\ncing at HMR.,,Null mutant is viable.\n mYEL006W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mVAM7:Regulator of vacuolar morphogenesis,heptad repeat motif , hy\ndrophilic protein,Null mutant is viable, exhibits prominent \nlarge vacuoles\n mYNL122C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mLYP1:lysine permease,lysine permease,\n SGD.GO:Functional classification via a compendium of knockouts. Hug\nes, cell 2000.\n mYEL017W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mOPY1:imparts Far- phenotype,,\n mSED1:putative cell surface glycoprotein,cell surface glycoprotein\n (putative),Null mutant is viable; during stationary phase, \nnull mutants exhibit increased sensitivity to Zymolyase.\n mYOR325W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYPR064W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mFCY21:identical to FCY2,purine-cytosine permease,\n mYMR157C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYOL093W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYBL012C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mSHR5:Involved in RAS localization and palmitoylation,,Null mutant\n is viable; exhibits normal palmityltransferase activity in \nvitro and attenuates Ras function in cells with mutant Ras2 \nproteins that are not farnesylated or palmitoylated; shr5 mu\ntation originally isolated as suppressor of Ras function\n mRIF1:RAP1-interacting factor, involved in establishment of repres\nsed chromatin,RAP1-interacting factor,defective in telomeric\n silencing and telomere length regulation\n mAPL4:Gamma-adaptin, large subunit of the clathrin-associated prot\nein (AP) complex,clathrin associated protein complex large s\nubunit , gamma-adaptin,\n mYMR160W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mAUT7:Forms a protein complex with Aut2p to mediate attachment of \nautophagosomes to microtubules. Defective in maturation of t\nhe vacuolar protein, aminopeptidase I,similar to LC3, a micr\notubule-associated protein from rat,Null mutant is viable bu\nt lacks autophagocytosis and is unable to sporulate. AUT7 is\n a suppressor of mutant phenotypes of aut2-1 cells. Uptake o\nf precursor Aminopeptidase I into the vacuole depends on Aut\n2p and Aut7p.\n mYOR300W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYPT52:rab5-like GTPase involved in vacuolar protein sorting and en\ndocytosis,,Null mutant is viable; ypt51 ypt52 double deletio\nn exacerbates the temperature sensitivity and vacuolar prote\nin sorting defects of ypt51 deletion\n mHXT10:high-affinity hexose transporter,high affinity hexose transp\norter,\n mDSE3:Hypothetical ORF,,\n mARN1:Product of gene unknown,,\n mHXT12:High-affinity hexose transporter,hexose permease,\n mHXT14:High-affinity hexose transporter,hexose transporter,\n mYDL133W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mRCE1:Protease involved in ras and a-factor terminal proteolysis,p\nrotease,Null mutant is viable, has defects in Ras localizati\non and signaling, and suppresses the activated phenotype of \nthe RAS2val19 allele\n mTRS33:Trapp subunit of 33 kDa,,Null mutant is viable\n mAPE2:Removal of intron fused YKL158W and YKL157W,aminopeptidase y\nscII,Null mutant is viable\n mRGA2:contains a Rho-GAP domain and two LIM domains, similar to Rg\na1p and all known Rho-GAPs,Rho-GTPase Activating Protein,Nul\nl mutants are viable but increase the restrictive temperatur\ne of a cdc24-4 strain and increase the constitutive activati\non of the pheromone response pathway in conjungtion with mut\nations in RGA1 and BEM3; overexpression of RGA2 causes a dec\nrease in the restrictive temperature of a cdc42-1 strain\n mSCW10:Soluble Cell Wall protein,soluble cell wall protein,Null mut\nant is viable.\n mPXL1:Paxillin-like protein 1,,\n mYIR035C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mYDL050C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mGBP2 mIMD3 mPSY2 mSTD1 mGDS1

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