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Date : Fri Feb 28 01:36:32 2003
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mYPR109W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mRAD61:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mGYP1:Gtpase activating protein for Ypt1p,GTPase activating protei\nn (GAP),Null mutant is viable and shows no phenotype\n mYDL072C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mZAP1:Zinc-regulated DNA binding protein involved in zinc ion home\nostasis,metalloregulatory protein involved in zinc-responsiv\ne transcriptional regulation,High level expression of ZRT1 a\nnd ZRT2 in both zinc-limited and zinc-replete cells\n Cond278:CDC42(tetpromoter)\n mMDM32:Unknown ,, Unknown\n Meiosis.Series0:The core meiotic transcriptome in budding yeasts.  Nat Genet\n. 2000 Dec;26(4):415-23.\n COMP.KO:Functional classification via a compendium of knockouts. Hug\nes, cell 2000.\n mSTE14:farnesyl cysteine-carboxyl methyltransferase,farnesyl cystei\nne-carboxyl methyltransferase,Null mutant is viable, MAT a s\nte14 mutants are sterile\n GCR1.gcr1:Understanding the growth phenotype of the yeast gcr1 mutant \nin terms of global genomic expression patterns.  J Bacteriol\n. 2000 Sep;182(17):4970-8.\n Cond679:DES460(wt)_vs._DES459(mec1)_genomic_DNA_comparison\n Cond740: Cond657:wt_plus_gamma_120_min\n mEMP47:47 kDa type I transmembrane protein localized to the Golgi,4\n7 kDa type I transmembrane protein localized to the Golgi,Nu\nll mutant is viable\n SGD.GO:Functional classification via a compendium of knockouts. Hug\nes, cell 2000.\n mRSM10:mitochondrial ribosome small subunit component,mitochondrial\n ribosome small subunit component,\n mPCF11:pre-mRNA cleavage and polyadenylation factor I component, in\nteracts with Rna14p and Rna15p,,Null mutant is inviable; pcf\n11 (ts) mutations are synthetically lethal with rna14 (ts) a\nnd rna15 (ts) mutations\n Cond680:DES460(wt)_vs._DES459(mec1)_genomic_DNA_comparison_,\n2\n Cond73:gyp1\n Cond940:6h\n mNMD2:Protein involved in decay of mRNA containing nonsense codons\n,,Null mutant is viable, exhibits stabilization of nonsense-\ncontaining mRNAs\n mRNA14:Protein with a role in mRNA stability and/or poly(A) tail le\nngth,cleavage and polyadenylation factor CF I component invo\nlved in pre-mRNA 3'-end processing,Null mutant is inviable\n Cond916:(99i5)__HBY4_YPGL+G_NormInt\n COMP.:Functional classification via a compendium of knockouts. Hug\nes, cell 2000.\n mRRP45:Ribosomal RNA Processing,3'->5' exoribonuclease,Null mutant \nis inviable; mutant is defective in 3' processing of 5.8S rR\nNA\n mINO2:Transcription factor required for derepression of inositol-c\nholine-regulated genes involved in phospholipid synthesis,he\nlix-loop-helix protein,The null mutant is viable but auxotro\nphic for inositol and choline. The null mutant can also disp\nlay aberant cell shape and defects in nuclear segregation. H\nomozygous mutant ino2 delta-1 diploids fail to sporulate. Ot\nher mutant alleles show pleiotropic defects in phospholipid \nmetabolism.\n mRPN10:homolog of the mammalian S5a protein, component of 26S prote\nasome,26S proteasome component , mammalian S5a protein homol\nog , 26S proteasome component , mammalian S5a protein homolo\ng,Null mutant is viable, exhibits a modest sensitivity to am\nino acid analogs and has increased steady-state levels of ub\niquitin-protein conjugates\n mYDR288W:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mSAC2:May interact with actin as a component or controller of the \nassembly or stability of the actin cytoskeleton,,Null mutant\n is viable, cold-sensitive growth phenotype, suppressor of a\nctin mutation; aberrant organization of intracellular actin \nand deposition of chitin at the cell surface\n mYDR365C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n COMP.TE:Functional classification via a compendium of knockouts. Hug\nes, cell 2000.\n mYDL012C:Unknown ,, Unknown\n mMAD1:coiled-coil protein involved in spindle-assembly checkpoint,\n,Null mutant is viable, benomyl sensitive\n fkh1,2sf.Series0:Two yeast forkhead genes regulate the cell cycle and pseudoh\nyphal growth.  Nature. 2000 Jul 6;406(6791):90-4.\n mDPP1:contains a novel phosphatase sequence motif found in a super\n family of phosphatases including mammalian PAP2,diacylglyce\nrol pyrophosphate phosphatase,Null mutant is viable, does no\nt exhibit any obvious growth defects\n mPCF11 mRNA14

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