RichMind - analysis of enrichment within neuroimaging findings

RichMind is a computational tool that facilitates the interpretation of large-scale experimental results from the analysis of neuroimaging data in a statistically sound fashion. Given sets of neural positions, or sets of neural connections (i.e., position pairs), RichMind tests for enrichment of a known brain mapping (i.e. “annotation”) in the input, corrects the results for multiple testing, and provides reports and brain visualizations of the detected enrichments.

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RichMind is a research tool, still in the development stage.
Hence, it is not presented as error-free, accurate, complete, useful, suitable for any specific application or free from any infringement of any rights.
The Software is licensed AS IS, entirely at the user's own risk.

Click here to download RichMind1.0 Matlab implementation
Click here to open RichMind1.0 user manual
Click here to download simulations data
Click here to download data for case study 2

Citing RichMind

RichMind can be cited as follows:
Maron-Katz, A., Amar, D., Ben Simon., E, Hendler, T. and Shamir, R. RichMind: a tool for improved inference from large-scale neuroimaging results (to appear in PLoS One)

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