Protein Interactions VisualizatiOn Tool


Developed by Nir Orlev

Prof. Yossi Shiloh and Prof. Ron Shamir

with the assistance of Giora Sternberg

Tel Aviv University

PIVOT is a Java-based tool, for visualizing protein-protein interactions. It is rich in features that help the users navigate and interpret the interactions map, as well as graph-theory algorithms for easily connecting remote proteins to the displayed map.

PIVOT is not limited to the data present in any database, but instead allows the users to create their own dataset, by importing any available lists of interactions and combining them together (using a tool called CUPID).

The users can query the dataset of interactions through the graphical view, explore the neighborhood of any protein, find paths among distant proteins, display the graph using designations of homologs, etc. (see PIVOT's features or watch PIVOT's Demo movie).

PIVOT is currently configured to work with proteins from four different species (human, yeast, drosophila and mouse), and present functional annotations, designations of homologs from the four species, and links to information pages. The protein data is stored in an MS-Access file, easily modifiable by the users to enter their own data.