Computational Genomics Research Seminar

The computational genomics group seminar is devoted to various aspects of computational biology in a broad context. We also are very interested in "pure" biology talks that bring up computational problems. The forum includes group members as well as other TAU researchers involved in the interplay between computation and biology. The setting is very informal and allows for maximal interaction between the speaker and the audience. Depending on the speaker's wish, we either make the seminar for group members only, or announce it on the Bioinformatics Network of Tel Aviv University.

We usually reserve at least an hour for the talk followed by discussion which may be extended over lunch. Seminars are being held on Wednesdays 11:15-13:00 at 309 Shreiber building on the Tel-Aviv University Campus (near Bet Hatefutzot).

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Coordinator: Dvir Netanely mail
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Schedule, 2016-2017:

Date Speaker Title
27.7.2016 Fabio Vandin Algorithms for finding significant combinations of mutations in cancer
9.11.2016 Dan Landau Genetic and Epigenetic Determinants of Leukemia Evolution
14.12.2016 Ran Balicer Data-driven innovation in healthcare
21.12.2016 Yaniv Erlich Genetic Media

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