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Bioinformatics research and education programs  Top
Edmond J. Safra Center for Bioinformatics
BSc in Bioinformatics at Tel Aviv University
MSc in Bioinormatics at Tel aviv University
Bioinformatics BSc studies at Bar Ilan University
Bioinformatics graduate program at Haifa University
Bioinformatics BSc at Tel Aviv University - curriculum (Hebrew)
Bioinformatics service units  Top
Bioinformatics unit at Tel-Aviv University
Bioinformatics unit at the Hebrew University
Bioinformatics unit at the Weizmann Institute of Science
Bioinformatics core facility at Ben Gurion University
Bioinformatics Knowledge Unit at the Technion
Bioinformatics and Microarray Unit at Bar Ilan
Tools and resources  Top
Portal - ACM Digital Library, Guide and more
Computer Science Bibliographies Collection (Karlsruhe)
CoRR: ACM Computing Research Repository
DBLP: Computer Science Bibliography and Search (Trier)
CiteSeer: Science Bibliography and Search (NJ)
PubMed queries (NCBI)
WhoWhere?! People Search
TAU Exact Sciences Library
TAU ExSciLib Search
TAU Life Science and Medicine Library
Electronic journals at TAU's Life Science and Medicine Library
TAU Research Authority - grants info
ISI journal citation report (from TAU only)
Journals and Preprint Archives  Top
The Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications
Information Processing Letters
Science on-line
Baltzer Science publishers hompage (journals related)
Miscellaneous  Top
Forum of Israeli Bio-Scientists Abroad
Haplotyping and SNPs resources and references list - a personal list
Ian Parberry's Referee's Guide for theoretical computer science
Ian Parberry's Form for Referees in theoretical computer science
Ian Parberry's Speaker's Guide
Oded Goldrech's essay: How not to write a paper
Genomeweb: News about the Genome World with a business slant
DNA Interactive (some history and society aspects of DNA)
J. Wagner's biology dictionary (Cornell)
Yoav Shamir and his Aba