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January 2019: ATGA course translated to Armenian

The lecture notes of Ron Shamir’s course “Advanced topics in Graph Algorithms” have been translated to Armenian. See link. This is the fourteenth translation of the course, following Ukrainian, Indonesian, Russian, Estonian, Bulgarian, French, Czech, Swedish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Punjabi and Greek.

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December 2018: Kobi Perl’s PhD thesis approved

Kobi Perl, MD student, has done PhD research jointly in our lab and in Prof. Karen Avraham’s lab (Medicine). His thesis “Understanding of Developmental and Physiological Conditions of the Inner Ear using Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis” has now been approved and is available here. Congratulations Kobi!

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November 2018: Welcome to Roy

Roy Safra, a senior Bioinformatics BSc student, has joined the group as a programmer. He will be working with Nimrod on multiomics analysis methods.

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